Senior and Junior Fees

Fee Structure – Seniors

Player Fees

Paid Before 30 April

Paid After 30 April

Seniors/Masters (Turf)



Seniors/Masters (Grass)



Students/Unemployed (Turf)



Students/Unemployed (Grass)



Two Competitions

Weekend Turf & Midweek Masters

Weekend Grass & Midweek Masters







 Goalkeepers Playing Turf with own Gear  $160  $260

Fee Structure – Juniors




Mini Knights


Includes stick shin-pads, ball and hat

J 3 / 4 & J 1/2


J 5/6


J 7/8


Includes turf training fees

J 9/10 or 11/12


Includes turf training fees

A 15% family discount applies when there are three or more junior players from the same family.

If you feel you have difficulty in meeting fee payments or wish to set up a payment plan, please advise the Club President or Treasurer as soon as possible.  Contact details are available on this website under Committee Members.

For Senior Players, a cut off period will be enforced as of 1 July.  Those who have not paid or made special arrangements will not be allowed to play in any further games and will not be granted a clearance until their fees have been paid.