When does the hockey season start?

The hockey season generally starts in April and runs for about 20 weeks until the end of August.  Finals are usually held in September.

Where and when is hockey training?

All players at the Newman Knights Hockey Club are invited to participate in training.  In past years, turf training has been held on Monday nights at UWA turf. For grass sides, training is held on Thursday nights at the Clubrooms in Churchlands.  Players are encouraged to train at least once a week.  Preason training starts in February/March.  For the latest news on training times stay tuned to this website.

When and where are games played?

The games are played at various locations, either turf or grass fields, across the metropolitan area.  The first turf games start on Friday night and are played throughout the weekend.  The men’s Masters competiton is played on Monday nights on turf, women’s masters Wednesday nights on turf.  Grass teams play Saturday afternoon.

How much does it cost to play hockey?

Newman Knights is proud of the fact that they remain one of the most competitive when it comes to fees. Have a look at the  fees and payments section to get an idea on how much it costs to play hockey for Newman Knights and compare it with other Clubs.   If you have any questions regarding fees please contact the Treasurer.

Who can I contact about playing hockey for Newman?

Each team has nominated a team representative. Please feel free to make contact with any one of these people for more information about playing hockey at Newman.

Does Newman hold social events?

Yes the hockey club holds regular social events throughout the season.  Newman Knights is a fun, family-friendly Club and encourages all its players to regularly attend social functions in order to keep fees manageable.   Newman has one major fundraising event every year, a Quiz Night in August.  Keep up to date on all our social events by subscribing to our newsletter or liking us on Facebook.

I haven’t played for a few years, can I still come down and play?

Newman Knights has 16 teams in most grades, so no matter what your skill level, there is sure to be a team to suit you.

Where is your home ground? 

The Newman Knights Hockey Club is located within Newman College, Tuscany Way, Churchlands.

Can I make Credit Card Payments without having to fill in the entire rego form?

Go to the Payments section in Play4Us and you can complete the credit card payment form for items such as additional fees, uniforms or other expenses that you want to pay for using your credit card and you don’t have to fill in the entire registration form.

When is registration day?

The Newman Knights Registration Day is held in February every year.  For all the latest news, including the date of registration, visit this website.

Who can I contact if I want more information?

For more information on the Newman Knights Hockey Club and how to be a member of the Club, contact the Club at info@newmanknights.com.au