A message from The President

As most of you are now no doubt aware, Hilary has stepped down as President after 3 fruitful years at the helm and passed the baton to me.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Hilary for all her hard work and I know I have big shoes to fill.  I hope I’m at least half as effective in getting things done and keeping things rolling for the club as she has been.  I am honoured to have been given the trust and responsibility of this position and I’ll do my best to make sure we keep growing and improving over 2016.
Some of you may not know me, something I hope to remedy over the coming season, so if we’ve never met formally please come and say hi if you see me or contact me on murraybuzza@aapt.net.au if you have any questions or concerns regarding the club.
We have a new committee, albeit with some very familiar faces, so I’d like to thank all those who have contributed in the past and thank the new committee for 2016 for again taking on the very important jobs that enable our club to keep functioning.  We have some major work to do, particularly in the area of sponsorship and fundraising, so if you have any contacts or ideas then please feel free to let your committee know about them so we can act on them.  Fresh ideas and approaches are always welcome.
The big news so far is that we have been fortunate enough to secure a very well credentialled senior men’s coach for 2016.  Mark Sandhu has agreed to take on the top squad and he is already looking forward to getting to work with the boys.  We also finalised the women’s coaches before Christmas appointing Tahlya Sleep as Head Coach, and she is keen to see our Women hit the training track in January.
Thanks again to all those who made it to the AGM and all the hard work from the committee and others that has already gone into planning for the 2016 season.  I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and see you all in the New Year.

Murray Buzza (Muzz)